The proposals focus on the retention and the enhancement of existing landscape features and habitats, in particular for the Lesser Horseshoe Bats.  The existing trees and hedges will be retained and many additional native trees planted as part of the scheme. 

Children’s play areas for all ages will be centrally located so they are less than five minutes’ walk from each of the proposed homes.  The play areas will be overlooked from the adjacent housing and will have appropriate buffers.

The vehicular access will be from the A3259 to the west of Richards Crescent.  There will be a pedestrian/cycle link to Mead Way which additionally will provide an emergency access.  Pedestrians and cyclists will also have their own dedicated access to the west of the existing farm buildings.  Traffic calming is proposed on the A3259 with two new signal controlled pedestrian crossings serving the site and a new signal controlled crossing at the junction of Greenway and Yallands Hill.  The 30mph speed limit will be moved towards the orchard at Prockter’s Farm.  

The project will also provide an opportunity for the improvement of the existing drainage issues to Greenway and Mead Way by the design of comprehensive Foul and Sustainable Drainage System (SUDS).